2018 Income Taxes are gonna be taxing

File your Taxes on a postcard? What a joke!

The previous 2 page Form 1040 is now 8 postcards plus worksheets and has over 100 pages of instructions. That is not really a postcard is it?

Not mentioned is that none of the additional forms you have been filing went away with your 1040, they still exist. Examples: Schedules B, C, D E, etc.

Simplified – no not really.

To make things worse a whole lot of people have not had enough taxes withheld from their paychecks. The IRS miscalculated the withholding requirements and now says that 21% of us will be under withheld.

To ease this pain the IRS says that they plan to waive penalties for some taxpayers that met certain withholding requirements. Let’s hope that works ok.

And then to top it all, they plan to open on January 28th to start issuing refunds and have ordered 46,000 employees back to work to do that but . . . a whole bunch of them are claiming hardship[ exemptions and will not be back at work.

Good grief!