Flat Rate Fees – So you know what to expect

In most cases we will establish a flat fee so our clients know what to expect each month and aren’t constantly whipsawed on price.

Naturally our fees are based on the amount of time involved but we find that time averages out and tends to be fairly regular after the initial set up and get acquainted period.

There are some basic ways to handle small business bookkeeping.  There are Live Systems, which can theoretically give you up to the moment info at any time, and  After the Fact systems which cannot. 

A Live System

Work Must by it’s nature be performed by staff

  • In-house or
    • Paper or Computerized
    • Data can be stored on site or off
  • In The Cloud
    • Off site in its entriety – both program and data are off site

An After the Fact System

Can be done by staff or outside service

There are pros and cons to each of these methods which are explained on the pages linked above.