We offer every possible level of service to suit your needs and budget.  One of these choices wil be right for you depending on the number of employees you pay and your wiilingness to do some of the work to save money.

After the Fact Payroll methods

  • You calculate and Write the Pay Checks and Stubs on or about your Paydays.
    • We prepare the payroll deposits, payroll taxes monthly, quarterly and annually
  • You send us the payroll info before each payday
    • We Print the Stubs and send them to you to You write the Checks
    • We prepare the payroll deposits, payroll taxes monthly, quarterly and annually

Payroll Service

  • You go Online and Enter the Payroll and Print the Checks and Stubs
  • You go Online and Enter the Payroll then we take over

Our full bore payroll service can be customized to your specific needs.

  • Just like the biggest  Payroll Services  – we can do as much of it as you wish.  Right down to direct deposit and electronic filing.

Here are the elements of a Live in the Cloud Fullbore Computerized Payroll Service:

  • Personalized, professional service from our knowledgeable staff
  • Calculations for all 50 states, plus localities and territories, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
  • 18 pay types: including retroactive, tip income, and reimbursement
  • Multiple payroll schedules
  • Multiple withholding capability and full State Unemployment reporting compliance
  • Standard, bonus/commission and additional payrolls
  • Free Direct Deposit of paychecks with the option to use multiple accounts
  • Check printing on pre-printed checks or MICR stock
  • Standard and custom deductions
  • Time off accruals and tracking, including Sick, Personal, Vacation, and Custom options
  • Simplified data entry worksheet
  • Electronic payment of federal and state payroll taxes (where available)
  • Filing of all quarterly Form 941 and Annual Form 940 federal and state payroll forms, including state insurance, disability reporting and more
  • Complete W-2 and W-3 forms service and reporting
  • Full array of compliance and analytical reports to help you gauge the effect of human resources