A New Scam involving Tax Refunds is particularly dastardly

The latest scam that might be used to separate you from your money goes something like this:

Step One – You find out that the IRS sent you a refund you were not expecting. You might get it by check or maybe direct deposit. You go – Hey, I wasn’t expecting this. Hmm . . .

Step Two: The Scammers contact you about the “Erroneous Refund”. You think they are legitimate because – heck they knew about the money. If they know about it they must be legit. Wrong! They are not legit. They are the scammers. They will try to convince you to send it to them.

Step Three – Don’t do it. Do not send them your money, no matter how scary or convincing they are. If you do, it is gone.

Don’t Fall for this Scam!