Live – In the Cloud

This is a full blown double entry computerized accounting system that is accessible from any internet connected computer with a web browser.  This type of system has all the advantages of and In-house computerized system with most of the disadvantages mitigated.  The hardware requirements are minimal.  The Staff requirements are the same.  The access to information is the same.  There is generally better control over staff access to sensitive data by virtue of granular access control ie:  payroll clerks can access the payroll programs but not the general ledger or other areas of the program.  The system is safe from fire, theft etc because it is housed elsewhere in a secure environment and back ups are taken care of for you.


  • Management Information available immediately
  • Always up to date
  • Low Upfront Cost
  • Reasonable Monthly Cost
  • Minimal Hardware Costs


  • Staff Time and Talent Required


  • In our opinion this is a far better solution for small businesses than an In-House System.

We can provide you with system that is set up and ready to use!