After the Fact – Single Entry

This is the solution that most of our clients choose.

This system is low tech and old fashioned but still works for many of our clients.  Basically it involves simply putting papers in an envelope for our staff to organize and compile.  It is a full service solution that is not as expensive as after the fact double entry accounting.  As an after the fact solution it naturally does not provide timely management information.

Generally with this system we can provide a Flat Rate on Fees fees and include the following Standard Services:

  • Financial Statements Monthly, Quarterly of Annually; 
  • Sales Tax Returns; 
  • Payroll Recording and Reporting; 
  • Payroll Tax Returns; 
  • Payroll Tax Deposits;  Business Licenses;  Routine Audits
  • Basically – if the Government requires it – it is included

 * We will also include bank statement reconciliation and other services that you would like us to handle.

 * Complex and time consuming Sales Tax and Payroll Audits and Income Taxes are billed separately.


  • Quick and Simple
  •  Requires little in the way of staff time and talent
  •  Meets requirements of all taxing authorities


  • Does not provide very timely management info